docker container for binwalking the DLink DCS-930L IP camera

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DLink DCS-930L firmware dump

This repo is dedicated to creating a reproducable docker image that is able to traverse firmware from the DLink DCS-930L. In the docker image, we start out with ubuntu (only OS that I could get to reliable run binwalk) and add compile binwalk from source. From here we can grab the firmware package and extract/traverse with binwalk.

Building the image

We can build the image with make. Issue make or make build to build the image. This requires docker and make to be installed.

Traversing the filesystem

Now that the image has been built we can traverse the DLink DCS-930L disk image with make enter. This will run a docker command to put you right at the base of the extracted firmware.

Areas of note

We want to track down what is being started on boot, we should check the inittab. From here we can see that 2 processes are being executed on boot, /etc_ro/rcS and /bin/login/. The first process is being invoked on system init, which happens right after the kernel is loaded into memory, so if we follow this proccess we can see that it mounts all drives that are not mounted, starts the ftpd (with no perms), and then invokes a script in /sbin/ called is an interesting file with an interesting name. It first dynamically gets the login ID and model of the device which tells us this is most likely used on more than one device. We can see one line if [ "$model" == "DCS-5000L" ]; then which sets different logic if it matches the stored model number. The internet scrip then proceeds to start the video stream from the camera and configure networking to the feed.

inittab -> rcS -> ->
  • /etc_ro/rcS:

    45 #for telnet debugging
    46 #security issue - don't run telnetd here -- andy 2012-07-03
    47 #telnetd

    • gets username and password from nvram
    • cowardly overwrites with
    • starts ftp daemon
    • starts video stream
    • brings network interfaces online
  • 1337 easter eggs:

Welcome to  
   _______  _______  ___     __  ____   _  _   ___  
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  |   _   /|   _   ||      ||  || |\     ||     \  
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                   =System Architecture Department=  


/sbin/`: leads us to belive snort is installed at /bin/snort.. it is not